The year saw a dream come to fruition: On the 6th of February, 2003, the new extension of the school was finally inaugurated


Dear Friends,

The year 2002 - 2003 saw a dream come to fruition: On the 6th of February 2003, the new extension of the school was finally inaugurated. It accommodates eight beautiful, big, bright classrooms, a training kitchen, a visual arts room, a small science laboratory and a staff room. After many years of working out of four small, dark, crumbling classrooms, the new facility is a luxury that we are still getting used to! It is a joy to see the rooms being used by the children and to be able to organize all the activities that earlier we never had the space for. Not only can the project double the number of student enrollments, it will also be able to provide better educational facilities.

We thank all our supporters and donors for enabling this big leap forward. The new building would have remained a dream had it not been for the late Mrs. Van Beever, Sternstunden e.V, the German Embassy, New Delhi, Udo Hoffman Pvt. Ltd., Caduceus Clinic, Zenith Institute, the Sufi Order Germany, Trustees and the International Board, and of course, Carmen and Aslam Hussain who supervised the entire project. In addition there were smaller contributions from several other donors, whose generosity and belief in the Hope Project made it possible to complete the building.

However, a building does not make a project. In the end it is the staff, their commitment and capacities that make the crucial difference. In the last year we have concentrated on building capacities of the staff and partnerships with other organizations so that we can respond to the needs of the community better. Fortunately there is a wealth of excellent training and resource agencies in Delhi and we have taken full advantage of their presence.

The last year also saw the Hope Project diversifying its donor base. For many years it has relied mostly on private donations from many generous individuals and a few one-time grants. To this list we now add Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA), Germany and Unniti Foundation, India. Although we still rely mostly on donors for continuing our work, we have started generating our own funding through user fees, consultancies and fundraising projects. This is imperative if we want to increase the long-term sustainability of our programs. We hope to see this trend increase in the coming years.

The Hope family continues to grow with the addition of new staff members: Dr. Vimla Upadhyay, Rosemary Joseph, Nafeez and Tasbir. Visiting doctors, Dr. Rachna and Dr. Neeraj have added value to the health programs. We look forward to a long association with them.

On behalf of the staff, I would like to thank all our partners and supporters and hope that we can continue to work together towards our mission of helping the poor to help themselves.

Kamini Prakash
Executive Director


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