The school introduced computers in subject laboratories enabling teachers and students to use digital materials to enhance the learning process.

Dear Friends,

The year 2007 – 2008 witnessed several changes at the Hope Project: Mr. Abrar Ahmed Khan and Ms. Quan Yin joined the International Board of Directors and Ms. Priya Viswanath became a Trustee. The Hope Project is fortunate to be able to attract such committed people and we look forward to their guidance in the years to come. Dr. Saroj Tucker who had been with the Hope Project since 2001 as Director – Health Programs resigned and was replaced by Dr. Bimla Upadhyay. Responsible for consolidating and expanding the health programs, Saroj will be missed
by all of us.

In addition to donations from the international Sufi community, the Hope Project raised substantial
grants from other sources as well in an effort to diversify its donor base. AUSAID extended its funding for the PMTCT project. We also got a donation from Charities Aid Foundation – India for the women’s micro-enterprise unit. Room to Read, USA is sponsoring 50 girls through school and the The Finnish Children and Youth Foundation / Elcoteq, SE Finland have given a generous grant for the girls education program. These grants have helped to improve and expand our programs.

The school introduced computers in the subject laboratories enabling teachers and students to use
digital materials to enhance the learning process. The classroom and exhibitions celebrated the spirit of enquiry and the joy of learning. Stepping out of the classroom, students visited Tolma in the Himalayas to learn about mountain habitat, understand the culture and lifestyle and breathe fresh mountain air. While enrollments continued to soar, we realized the need for more intensive
follow up, especially since most of our students are first generation learners. The community outreach team had to stretch itself to prevent dropouts, meet regularly with parents as well as refer eligible children to regular schools.

Suvidha, the women’s micro-enterprise reached out to many more women in the basti by diversifying their product range and finding new market outlets. Women took responsibility for timely delivery of orders and relationship building with clients and retail shops. Suvidha was also visible at more than a dozen fairs and melas in the city during the festive season. All this has resulted in greater capacities and an increase in sales. Besides the clinic activities, the health program intensified its outreach by hosting regular events to promote awareness on various health issues, including TB, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS.

These activities have resulted in an increasing number of people becoming more conscious about their health and accessing the clinic for screening and testing. The Hope Project also had the honor of hosting a visit by Dr. Nafis Sadik, UN special envoy on HIV/AIDS, who met with community women, male peer educators and religious leaders to learn more about the PMTCT project.

I am grateful to the Trustees and the international board for their support and guidance. I would also like to thank the Sufi community, all our donors, partners, volunteers and friends, both in India and abroad, for their constant support and encouragement.

Kamini Prakash
Executive Director


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