Current vacancies include : Director, Education;
                                              Director, Livelihood
                                             Executive Assistant to ED

  • We always welcome volunteers and interns who would like to contribute and learn at the project.

Job Description for posting.


The education director will be responsible for the education programs of the Hope Project. He / She will have to participate in selection of a Pedagogic Adviser and work in close coordination with the pedagogic adviser and a community adviser to ensure that the education program is in line with the pedagogic vision of the school and the needs of the community. 

Responsibilities will include: 

  • Work on the vision and goals for the education department in coordination with the pedagogic adviser, the staff and the board.
  • Network with other educational institutions and resource centers in order to identify new projects or opportunities that can be undertaken by Hope in partnership with others.

Design and implement new programs that are in line with the vision of the education department.

  • Monitor, review and improve existing programs so that the quality of learning is acceptable in existing programs
  • Develop an annual operational plan and budget along with the staff that is in line with the vision. 
  • Monitor the utilization of the budget
  • Supervision of teachers on a daily basis (attendance, punctuality, assessment, teaching schedule and teachers’ leave, etc)
  • Supervise the logistics and administration of the school:
  • Class scheduling
  • School purchases (stationery, etc)
  • Maintenance of inventory
  • Collection of fees
  • Handling emergencies
  • Organizing teacher substitution
  • School cleanliness and maintenance
  • Identify and recruit teaching staff in consultation with ED for the department in line with its needs. 
  • Coordinate and mentor volunteers in the education program
  • Assess the performance of education staff after taking into consideration the inputs of the pedagogic adviser and conduct annual performance appraisals. 
  • Coordinate with NOS for student admissions, fee payment, class attendance and examinations. 


Document activities and impact of programs

  • Write reports and represent the education program to donors, international board and visitors. 
  • Identify career aspirations and opportunities for senior students and organize career counselling sessions in consultation with senior teachers
  • Develop and implement a tracking system for graduates of the school
  • Submit quarterly reports to the ED on progress made and lessons learned.


Reports to the Executive Director

Compensation will be determined by the candidates experience and qualifications.

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Interested candidates should send their CV by the 20th of February 2009 to along with a letter stating how their qualifications and experience contribute to the position advertised. 

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