Mobile Medical Unit

Our mobile medical unit delivers preventive health care and education to poor children and youth in Delhi’s far-flung resettlement colonies where the need is great but services are scant.


In recent years poverty has become less visible in the Basti. One reason is that The Hope Project has contributed to the growth of community through efficient work. And the Indian economy has also provided good opportunities to the educated middleclass. But many poor and vulnerable people still remain. However, through slum demolition, relocation and resettlement policy many of the poor have been banished by the authorities to the outskirts of the city.

The living conditions in these resettlement colonies are miserable and unhealthy. Infrastructure is often insufficient or even non-existent with regard to schooling, health and transportation.


Through the aid of generous donors The Hope Project has developed a mobile medical unit name “Hope on Wheels” – a specially outfitted bus that will provide preventive and promotive medical services to these colonies. Our focus will be health care and education for children and youth (age 6 to 18) many of whom are out of school and working. With limited support of caring adults and families for their welfare, they are amongst the most vulnerable segments of society.

The mobile clinic visits four different locations, offering primary, promotive, preventive and curative health care with emphasis on the former. Health education is offered especially to children and women.
General OPD Clinic
1 School Health Check-Ups
1TB Dots Program

1Reproductive Health Program
1 Child Care Program
1 Eye Clinic 1 Mobile Medical Unit
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