Play time in the creche


Safe and secure place for early learning and care, for children in the age group 2 months to 3 years.


There are many migrant women who work as domestic workers or in factories in order to earn a livelihood. The majority of them are single mothers who have been abandoned or divorced. The children of these women are often at risk since there is nobody to take care of them. They are often left at home alone or in the care of an older sibling (often a sister who has to forgo her own education as a result). Some mothers take their children with them to work. This can hamper their work or lead to neglect of the child and accidents. Malnourished children of non working women are also taken in Creche on recommendations of our doctor for better care, supervision and monitoring.

Services delivered
To enable women, especially single mothers, to go out and earn a living, the Hope Project runs a crèche. The crèche is open from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. Children are given a nutritious meal and milk every day. They are also immunized and taken to the pediatrician, if they fall ill. Most importantly, the crèche provides a clean, safe and caring environment where the child can feel at home. The crèche supervisor often assists mothers facing domestic crises or problems at work.

The Creche
Pre-primary classes

The Girls Non-Formal School
The Support Program
The Walk in Program
The Working Children’s Program
The Safe House Program
The Night shelter

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