The Night Shelter .
Street children find a refuge

  For street children who need a safe place to sleep at night.


The dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya attracts many homeless who come there in the hope of getting alms from devotees visiting the dargah. Among them are also children who have run away from home due to conflicts with parents or due to poverty. Many work as rag pickers or for tent house owners during the wedding season. Living on the streets, they are exposed to the cold and rain. They also fall prey to drug pushers and police harassment. Although they can get a free meal from the dargah, they have no place where they can bathe or keep their meager belongings

Services delivered

The Hope Project has made its basement available to street children so that they at least have a place to sleep during the night. Depending on the severity of the weather, the number of children seeking refuge in the shelter ranges from 20 to 40 every night. The shelter is run by Butterflies, a NGO that works with street children across the city. The shelter is equipped with durries, blankets, blackboards, a TV and games for the children. They also have access to toilets and a water cooler. Individual lockers have been provided where they can store their belongings


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The Night shelter

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