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  Pre-primary classes (nursery and kindergarten) are for children that cannot be admitted to other schools.

Although the MCD schools in the neighborhood hold preprimary classes, many basti children are not able to sustain their education in these schools because they need a more flexible system. The children who get admitted into our school are often first generation learners with irregular attendance due to lack of parental support, illness or family crises. Although government schools are free, they are poorly equipped and teacher student ratios are too high for the personal attention that every child needs. The Hope Project gives priority to children who are first generation learners who have not developed the habit of going to school regularly and are often not safe at home.

Services delivered
Classes are held daily from 8 to 12. The school provides children with a friendly and safe environment where they feel at ease and are encouraged to explore and discover the world around them. Teaching methods include drawing, painting, story telling, basic reading and writing, games, fun with paper and clay modeling. Outdoor trips are encouraged. The school also caters to other needs such as health care and nutrition.

Children who can be admitted to regular schools are assisted by the social worker to apply for admission. All children who complete the kindergarten at Hope Project are helped to get admitted into regular school so that they can continue their formal education.


The Creche
Pre-primary classes

The Girls Non-Formal School
The Support Program
The Walk in Program
The Working Children’s Program
The Safe House Program
The Night shelter

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