The Safe House Program .
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For children who rather than going home, need to be in a safe environment after school hours and engage in creative, recreational activities.


Many children come from unsafe homes and localities. There is little space to play other than the streets and the graveyards. Children have often had accidents playing on the roofs of their houses. Homes are small with as many as 6 members sharing one small room. Parents and neighbors may indulge in substance abuse. Under these circumstances, going home can become a hazard

Services Delivered
Children who do not have a conducive atmosphere at home to go back to, are given the option of staying back at The Hope Project and be involved in creative and productive activities like learning computers, spoken English, cutting & tailoring and embroidery. The classrooms, library and other facilities at The Hope Project are made available to them. The staff keeps a watchful eye over them until they go home in the evening.


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