The Working Children's Program
Looking towards a brighter future
For children who work during the day to earn their living but come to school in the evenings after work.

Education for many children is a luxury they cannot afford. The families of these children are dependent on the income the child earns. These children work either as rag pickers, beggars, household help, and apprentices to tailors and mechanics, or serve food and wash dishes in the numerous dhabas all over the city. Since schools normally function during the day time when they are at work, these children remain deprived of an education.

Services delivered
Classes are held daily from 7 – 9 PM for working children. If required the teacher meets with the employers and persuades them to allow the child to leave early for class. Children are encouraged to sit for the National Open School exams once they have reached the required levels.

The Creche
Pre-primary classes

The Girls Non-Formal School
The Support Program
The Walk in Program
The Working Children’s Program
The Safe House Program
The Night shelter

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