Health Program
Wounds are cleaned lovingly.

The socio-economic status of Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin is poor, as is the status of health. Incidence of disease is high due to unhygienic conditions, congestion, ill ventilated and overcrowded housing, and poverty. The nutritional status is also inadequate due to poor diet and poverty. There are no quality health-care providers in the area either. Women are especially vulnerable as they are unable to access healthcare facilities outside the basti that are available at a distance of 5 km, due to cultural constraints.

So there is a need:

  • to provide medical aid to the community locally in the basti.
  • to help women access the hospital facilities.
  • to educate the community about specific diseases so that they can take preventive measures and are able to take prompt action in case of sickness as well.
  • to help improve their nutritional status.
  • to control the high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in the basti.
  • to promote family planning.
  • to detect and treat reproductive tract infections (RTI).
  • to promote antenatal services.
  • to promote dental health.
General OPD Clinic
School Health Check-Ups
TB Dots Program

Reproductive Health Program
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