Child Care Program

A proud mother feeds her baby

The program includes a supplementary nutrition program for malnourished children, monthly immunisation of children under 5 and biweekly paediatric clinic.

Poor socio-economic conditions of the basti residents make them prone to malnutrition. Low weight mothers give birth to low weight infants. Large number of children per family, low income and lack of knowledge about healthy eating all add to their vulnerability and to the high incidence of malnutrition which in turn makes patients prone to other diseases like tuberculosis as well.

Services delivered

Our community workers approach mothers of malnourished children and make them aware of risks of such condition to children. Demonstrations are held in the community to train women to make low cost nutritious and tasty snacks for malnourished children. Our community workers persuade mothers of less than three year old malnourished children to keep their children in our Creche for at least three hours every day so that the child can be fed two nutritious meals and his /her growth can be monitored till they reach level of average children.

Mothers are educated in all aspects of child-care, including personal hygiene, immunization, breast feeding and weaning and nutrition. Children are immunized.

Every month, the MCD Health Department visits the clinic to immunize children less than 5 years. A pediatrician also visits the clinic twice a week.

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Child Care Program
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