General O.P.D. Clinic
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  The General OPD clinic treats patients with basic ailments and refers those with more complicated problems to diagnostic centers and the government hospitals. These patients are followed up to ensure that they complete their prescribed treatment.


There is a high incidence of disease in the basti. There are few quality health care providers and many of the poor cannot afford treatment. Free treatment is available in government hospitals but accessing these services is difficult given the long waiting period and huge numbers. Women especially will not seek health care outside the basti due to social conventions.

Services delivered

The OPD clinic runs daily. The patients are examined by the general physician and given medicines for a nominal fee but if patients are unable to afford this fee, they are given medicines free of charge. Facilities for the dressing of wounds are also available. A homeopath also visits the clinic twice a week.

There are no diagnostic facilities offered at Hzt Inayat Khan Health Center since these facilities already exist close by.

Patients requiring specialized treatment are referred to a government hospital. A hospital attendant who is familiar with the various departments of the hospital and the procedures for accessing the services usually accompanies these patients. A linkage has also been established with a local private laboratory where some tests are done at a subsidized rate.

A social worker coordinates the hospital visits with the hospital attendant and the patient. Two full time hospital attendants are engaged for taking the patients to the hospital. Generally, the patients use the local bus for transport but for serious patients auto rickshaws are used. Transport charges are picked up by the patients or the project, or shared by the project depending upon the economic situation of the patients (as assessed by the social worker).

Economic assistance and counseling services are also provided whenever needed. Awareness programs are regularly held to increase the community’s level of knowledge on various health issues.

The staff at the clinic comprises of a general physician and a social worker, 2 community health workers, two hospital attendants and a cleaner.

A Gynecologist heads the department with a general physician, a homeopath, two dispensers, a nurse, a receptionist, two hospital attendants and cleaner for support. Clinic infrastructure includes a furnished building to house allopathic and homeopathic clinics, doctors' offices and the dressing room.

Allopathic and homeopathic medicines are bought every month for treating general ailments and specific diseases like diabetes, tuberculosis, hypertension, asthma, cardiac and respiratory diseases as and when prescribed by the hospitals.

The clinic also has medical equipment for better diagnosis and management of patients in the clinic: flashlight, weighing scale, autoclave, examination table, stool, surgical instruments, stethoscope, otoscope, BP apparatus, nebulizer, view box for x-ray and a sterilizer.
General OPD Clinic
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