School Health Check-Ups
Doctor checks a child's vision.


All school students have an annual health check so that any abnormality is detected early and appropriate steps can be taken to manage it.


There are 350 students attending the Hzt Inayat Khan Education Center. It is important to prevent the most serious health risk behaviors among children, adolescents and young adults and to develop positive health attitudes amongst them. In addition to giving health education on various issues, identification and monitoring of critical health problems is important to improve the health of this community. Since the children are in close contact with teachers at school and there are many opportunities for parents and teachers to work together, the school can be effective in monitoring health risk factors.

Services delivered

An annual health check will take place for all the students attending the Hzt. Inayat Khan Education Center so that any abnormality present is detected early, especially eye and dental problems and appropriate steps can be taken to manage them. If needed, the children would be referred to a hospital for diagnostic work up. A dentist would visit the clinic every year for a week and perform dental checks. Necessary interventions, such as scaling, cavity fillings and extractions would be for a nominal fee. Teachers will be trained for vision screening by a reputed eye hospital and will screen children at regular intervals for any vision problems. Children with vision problems will be sent to this eye hospital and if needed, glasses will be provided at subsidized rates.

Chronic disease risk factors including tobacco use, poor nutrition, spitting, and physical inactivity would also be studied so as to be able to reduce them in school. All children would be de-wormed.

The check ups would be done by the general physician and the pediatrician. Weighing scale, blood pressure instrument and medicines would be required.

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