T B Dots Program
A mime on TB performed at the health mela

  TB Dots Program raises awareness on TB, its symptoms, prevention and treatment. It helps in diagnosis, distributes medication, supplementary nutrition and ensures compliance through regular follow up of patients.


In Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin, the disease is rampant – our own clinic sees one new case every week. Congested, ill ventilated, overpopulated houses, unhygienic conditions, habit of spitting in public places – all contribute to increased prevalence of TB. Lack of education and awareness about the disease leads to delayed treatment with increased mortality and morbidity. One infected person can infect ten others in one year. A major focus of this program is to create awareness about the disease, and to educate the community regarding the causes, spread, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of TB, in the hope that people will report symptoms early enough for timely diagnosis and treatment. However, education alone is not enough. Every effort must be made to ensure early detection and complete treatment of the disease. Family counseling and screening of TB among family members is also an important aspect for the control of this disease. It is also essential to create awareness about HIV/AIDS since TB could be a result of low immunity due to HIV/AIDS.

Services delivered

Information is disseminated at regular intervals in different locations in the basti, including government childcare centers, Hzt Inayat Khan School, and the clinic. A range of media, such as pamphlets, films and street plays about TB are used for the purpose of education. Suspected patients identified through the awareness program are taken by our hospital attendant to government-run DOTS centers for diagnosis and treatment. The Community workers follow up all these patients making sure that they complete their treatment as advised. The DOTS coordinator and community worker motivate patients’ families to go in for family screening. All TB patients are also counseled on HIV/AIDS and motivated to go in for VCT.

To ensure complete recovery, milk and nutrition supplement would be provided to the patients who cannot afford it.

Information, education and communication materials have been developed and staff has been trained to use them effectively so that they can communicate key messages for prevention, detection and treatment. The youth group in basti performs street plays on TB in different parts of the basti.

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