Income Generation
Session on Machine Embroidery.


This program assists women to upgrade and market their skills in sewing and embroidery, baking and cooking, so that they can increase their income and enhance their quality of life.


Women in the basti have few opportunities for earning an income. Traditionally they stay within the confines of their homes and look after their family, whereas the male members go out to work. However, there are a fair number of women who are deserted or widowed. There are also several women who need to supplement the household income because one earning member is not enough to sustain the family. Often the woman is the de facto head of the household and forced to earn an income because the male members of the family are unemployed. Since going out of the basti is a social taboo for many women or difficult due to domestic responsibilities and the burden of childcare, many women prefer home-based work.

Services delivered
This program enables women to combine their domestic responsibilities with income generation. It promotes livelihoods and entrepreneurial initiatives in the basti. By purchasing the delicious food or wonderful products produced by our community, you will be directly increasing their financial health and enabling their aspirations.

Currently there are two main initiatives:

  • Women are trained in sewing, tailoring, machine and hand embroidery. They also get trained in book keeping, costing, quality control and marketing. Community members produce a range of goods such as hand embroidered scarves, bags, t-shirts, cushion covers, jewelry, and clothing for men, women and children that are marketed through our Aashyana brand. The project provides the initial capital, design inputs, training, machines, a work place, market linkages, a catalogue and the reputation of the organization.

To view the complete range of Aashyana products and order, please visit  our online store.  (link to:  )

  • Young girls and women from the community have also been trained in baking and cooking. We now provide a variety of baked goods and cater delicious meals on order. To learn more or place orders, please visit our online store. (link to:
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