By 10 he was robbing and stealing to pay for his drug habits.


Like most children in the Basti, Asif’s family has a hard life. His father has been too ill to work for many years. His mother works as a domestic servant. The Rs. 2,000 she earns every month must pay for her husband’s medicines and the needs of her five young children squeezed in a two-room house.

At 19, Asif should have been helping his family. Indeed, he’d been an intelligent boy full of potential. He attended government school and attended support classes at The Hope Project. But the lure of the streets proved too strong. He was drinking and smoking by 10 and after being kicked out of school he took to robbing and stealing to pay for the drugs he had become addicted to.

But one day Asif remembered The Hope Project and came to ask his old teacher for help. He was welcomed with open arms. He has been clean for three months now. Instead of sleeping on the streets or stealing, he now comes every afternoon to The Hope Project. He studies different subjects in our support classes hoping to make up for lost time, and next year he will sit for his 10th class board exams. And most importantly he is surrounded by people in The Hope Project who support and encourage him in his dreams.





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