Gulshan shared her story with a large audience that had assembled on April 19 to learn more about tuberculosis

After my second delivery, I was coughing a lot and running a fever everyday.

I remembered Sarita didi from the Hope Project telling us in the supplementary nutrition class that fever for more than 3 weeks could be a symptom of TB. So I contacted Sarita who took me to Dr. Neeraj. He advised me to get my sputum check up. The report came out to be positive for TB and I was told that I had to take treatment for 6 months.

I had to come to the health center every other day for the first six weeks to take the medicines. My husband agreed that it would be best for me to stay on in Nizamuddin basti with my mother for the initial six-week period. I took my medicines regularly and slowly I started feeling better. My cough stopped and the fever came down. I was no longer feeling weak and was able to do house work and look after the children. My sputum was tested after six weeks again and it showed that I no longer had TB germs. However, what was worrying me was that my husband had not visited me during this period.
I now contacted him and said I could come home, as I need to take medicines from the health center once a week only. But he made excuses and said I should finish my six month course of treatment before going back home. So I stayed on till I had recovered completely but I am still waiting for my husband.

I have now found a job and am looking after my two children on my own. I feel TB is a menace that not only affected my health but snatched away my children’s father from them as well. Even though I have recovered from TB, will the scars etched in my heart ever go?

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