Thanks to her savings, however, she was able to take a second loan and buy an embroidery machine of her own.
  Mobina is only eighteen years old, but has been a member of the Thrift and Credit program for nearly two years. She lives with her parents, four brothers, sister-in-law and nephew, and spends her mornings making the family’s chapatis and her afternoons earning money doing stitching work at home. If there’s no work that day, Mobina loves to watch movies and sing songs. Sometimes, she laughs, she even dreams about performing on Indian idol.

Mobina heard about the Thrift and Credit program at Hope’s Suvidha production unit, where she was learning to embroider. Mobina realized that if she saved money every month, she would eventually have enough to help pay for her own wedding jewelry. When she first opened the account, her parents gave her the money to save. Once she started earning her own money embroidering, she began putting that away instead. Mobina’s mother is very happy that her daughter is saving on her own, because, she told Mobina, “otherwise, you will only have what we can give you.” Her father has been silent on the subject, which is good enough for Mobina, who believes he is happy too.

Mobina has proved her mother right. She is now able to take care of her own needs independent of her parents, and has even taken a loan to help them out. Mobina took her very first loan to help pay off the mortgage her mother had taken on a pair of earrings. Her mother is helping pay back that loan, but Mobina takes care of most of the repayment. Despite all this, Mobina’s family has forced her to leave Suvidha. They no longer allow her to work at Hope because they are very strict about Purda and no longer feel that it is appropriate for her to work outside the home. Mobina says the day she had to leave Suvidha was the most difficult moment of her life. Thanks to her savings, however, she was able to take a second loan and buy an embroidery machine of her own. Because of her membership in Samrat, Mobina was able to salvage some of her independence and is still saving money on her own.

Mobina says that she hopes to get a job after marriage. In the meantime, she is sticking with Samrat. She loves coming to meetings and learning how to keep accounts, fill out forms, and take care of the necessary work that comes along with keeping an account here. She feels good about herself and hopes to open more accounts so that she can save even more.

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