..She put a roof over her head with a loan from the thrift and credit program.


On a cold winter night, a devastating fire destroyed or severely damaged over 21 homes in the Basti, including that of Shahida, a member of our thrift and credit program. The Hope Project raced to help her and other members of the community by donating food, warm clothing and household items. But what Shahida needed further was a new roof to shelter them from the bitter cold.

Shahida had joined the thrift and credit program at The Hope Project in 2004 after attending our literacy classes for adult women. Her family earnings are meager; she works as a domestic worker and her husband is a casual laborer. Despite this she managed to not only support her school going daughters but also save a good amount for herself.

With her savings of Rs.8,000, Shahida was able to get an emergency loan of Rs.13,000. With this she replaced her roof and household items. The loan carries a low interest and affordable monthly payments that go to the Thrift and Credit group themselves. Now the family has a roof over its head and the daughters are able to continue with their schooling. The happy girls are regulars at The Hope Project where they attend support classes in the afternoon.
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