Bakery And Catering

The Hope Project brings you a range of baked products and caters to a wide range of cuisine that are fresh, delicious and affordable. Baked in the hygienic kitchen at the Hope Project, the freshly baked cakes are just right to serve at tea or as a dessert. You can also gift them to friends, especially during the festive season.

Baked Goods:

Cakes: Apple • Banana Bread • Cardamom (coffee cake) • Carrot • Carrot-Apple • Christmas • Chocolate • Coconut • Devil’s food cake • Eggless • Pineapple (upside down cake)
Brownies: Rich Chocolate • Chocolate & Nuts
Pies: Apple • Apricots • Plum • Mango
Muffins: Apple • Banana • Chocolate • Pineapple • Sugar-free • Walnuts and Raisins
Cookies: Chocolate • Sugar-free • Cinnamon • Lemon Drop • Orange Drop • Sugar • Swiss Tarts (sugar cookies with a swirl of jam)
Quiche:  Tomato • Spinach • Mushroom 

*Please note some of our items are seasonal. All items are preservative free.


Catering Menu:


Cutlets • Samosa • Kebabs • Momos (fried or steamed dumplings) • Spring Rolls
* All appetizers are available in vegetarian and non-veg versions.

Butter • Tomato • Cucumber • Cheese • Mozarella • Chicken • Chicken & Cheese

Spl. Thali: A selection of vegetables, rice, dal, raita, salad, roti and pickle (Veg only)


Sabzi: Gobhi Aloo • Matar Aloo • Gajar matar• Patta Gobhi Matar • Aloo Matar • Zeera Aloo • Aloo Shimlamirch  • Palak Soyabean • Soyabean Aloo • Aloo Tamatar • Beans Aloo • Mix Veg. • Dum Aloo • Louki ka Kofta • Methi Aloo • Aloo –Patta Gobhi • Aloo Gajar • Kadhi •Chilly Gobhi • Baigan ka bharta • Achari Baingan •Mushroom Matar
Paneer: Shahi Paneer • Kadhai Paneer • Paneer Makhni • Matar Paneer • Palak Paneer • Chilly Paneer
Dal: Dal Makhni • Masoor Dal  • Moong Dal  • Chana Dal  • Udat Dal  • Mix Dal • Rajma • Kala Chana • Kali Masoor • Sambhar • Chana Masale


Chicken: Chicken Curry • Chicken Korma • Palak Chicken • Chilly Chicken • Butter Chicken • Chicken Manchurian
Mutton: Mutton Curry • Mutton Korma • Mutton Kofta • Mutton Kabab •  Aloo Gosht
Beef: Beef curry • Nihari (large chunks of boneless beef) • stew • Gosht-e-Shalgum • Beef Korma •  Beef Pasanda • Khada Keema • Beef with Dal Fry • Khada Keema with Mix Veg. • Kaju keema

Plain Roti • Butter Roti • Plain Parantha • Aloo Parantha • Methi Parantha • Palak Parantha • Gobhi Parantha • Muli Parantha • Onion Parantha • Dal Parantha • Ajwain Parantha• Lachcha Parantha

Vegetarian: Plain Rice • Jeera Rice • Matar Pulao • Aloo Chawal • Mix Pulao • Soya Pulao • Mushroom Pulao • Veg Biriyani • Rajma Chawal• Chole Chawal
Non-Vegetarian: Chicken Fried Rice • Egg Fried Rice • Chicken Biriyani • Mutton Biriyani • Egg Biriyani

Plain Curd• Plain Raita • Boondi Raita • Kheera Raita • Gajar Raita • Tamatar Raita • Aloo Raita • Mixed Raita • Pudina Raita


The cakes are delicious. My only complaint is that they disappear as soon as you serve them.
Sujata Chatterji

Chittranjan Park

It began with volunteer Leilah Stewart who came to the Hope Project and trained students in the fine art of baking. A year later, her efforts resulted in the formation of “Bismillah Bakeries”, a group of 5 graduates who decided to bake cakes on order and cook meals for various events. Over the years, Bismillah Bakeries has developed a small but regular clientele. In addition, they cater for the Urs of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Hope Project functions and also for the volunteers living at the Hope Project guest house. They have also sold baked items at various college fairs and Christmas bazaars. Although they use the Hope Project kitchen facilities, they pay the Project a part of the income earned. Apart from this they work independently of the Hope Project and manage clients and deliveries on their own.

This is not a full time livelihood for the members. Most of them are working part time and also doing a BA Pass course side by side. The extra income enables them to make a contribution to their family income or use it for little luxuries that they would not be able to afford otherwise. Some of them, like Zeba, are using their earnings to support them through college.

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