3 printed cards and a post card with illustrations drawn by the children of the basti.

My Dream House INR 10
The Elephant INR 10
If I were … INR 10
Basti Map INR 10

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The Child Care Program runs a supplementary nutrition program for malnourished children and pregnant and lactating mothers.
Subhadra Devi
Greater Kailash

Every year the school runs a theatre workshop for the students conducted by Rajneesh Bisht of Theatre in Education (TIE). The aim of this workshop is to enable students to discover their creativity and express themselves. The process also enables them to become more confident and articulate. Using innovative techniques, Rajneesh helps students to come out of their shells and discover hidden talents in story telling, writing, drawing and performing. These cards illustrate some of the drawings done by the participants during the theatre workshop. The basti map was drawn by students during their social science workshop.

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