Aashyana brings you a range of exquisite embroidered products made by the women of the basti. Fine chicken-work or applique work on T-shirts, embroidered heart and wing emblems on pashmina shawls, stoles and silk scarves, jute bags, zardozi belts and pouches... are just some of the variety of products they make.

Place your order now and help these women make a success of their business. All profits benefit the women’s group directly. They can send you samples and can also carry out orders as per your samples.


Hope Project Charitable Trust
Aashyana Group
127 Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin
New Delhi 110013


T: 11 24356576, 24357081, 24353006

Heart & Wing T-Shirt

Jute Bag

Heart & Wing Shawl

3 Fish T Shirt

Christmas Tree Decorations

Silk Zardozi Pouches
“I have gained a lot from Aashyana…. I used to hesitate to speak in front of outsiders; I used to get all tongue-tied…. But today I have the confidence to answer all their questions and join in on group discussions…”
Community Woman

“ I enjoy having my own money to buy my few cosmetics and gifts for my friends… this way I do not have to ask my family for money…. I am also saving up this money for my studies…”
Community Woman

The women living in Nizamuddin basti have few opportunities for earning an income. Coming from conservative backgrounds, their families prohibit them from stepping out of the basti on their own without an escort. When the Hope project first began, staff members had to literally go from door-to-door persuading families to send their women to the workshop where they could learn stitching, tailoring, and embroidery and help supplement the family income.

Today the women have their own production unit that they have named aashyana (Comfort). The project provides the women with training and design inputs, market linkages, a workspace and sewing machines. The women are responsible for the purchase of materials, pricing and production.

It has not been an easy journey for the women. One of our instructors recollects the battles she had to fight at home to come and work at the Hope Project. Today, she trains women not only in the basti but also in other areas in the city where the women want to work. It is this determination and perseverance that inspire us to continue working towards our goal.

The goal project is to assist women to...... The knowledge that their skills are valued and an increase in income will enable them to stand on their feet and realize their aspirations.

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