Volunteers - Past & resent
Arnav Bakshi and Madhav Kaushik, students of Modern School and Vasant Valley in New Delhi spent June at the project teaching our students computers.

Heidi Hanff
*, Germany taught students English

* and Merle, Germany spent 2 months at the Hope Project teaching students English and reading to them

Maximilian, Germany spent 11 months at the project, teaching students English, playing with children in the creche, helping to document and market products made by the women’s micro-enterprise, playing volleyball with street children and helping with a range of administrative work.

* and Shamsa, Switzerland spent 2 months at the project. They made a presentation on Germany and Switzerland to the students. Urs introduced students to modern Western music.He also developed a handbook for volunteers.

Ann Waters, Canada worked intensively with the English language teacher to create a module for senior students that would help to improve their English skills. She also advised onsystems for cataloguing the library.

Inji Islam, USA, gave valuable inputs on introducing gender in the school curriculum.

Julia de Quadros
*, USA is a fellow of the America India Foundation.  She is documenting the  stories of students at the Hope Project illustrating the challenges they face and strategies they use to overcome the problems that come in the way to complete their education.

Oskar and Noor, Spain helped to catalogue the books in the library.

James, UK trained teachers and students on computer skills

Ann Urtaza, Spain – co-facilitated primary English classes

Danielle, Australia, conducted secondary research for lesson plans on sexuality and collected materials for the curriculum.

Denise, UK, taught senior students English

*, USA interviewed 30 members of the thrift and credit program and documented their profiles.

Neville, UK, worked with the science teacher to develop experiments to illustrate chemicalreactions.

Dieter Schaefer
, Switzerland, compiled and made a digital presentation to students on shelter and architecture as an adaptation to geography.

Simran, USA interviewed students attending the vocational skills courses along with the parents in an attempt to understand their aspirations and get feedback on the course.

Neelam, a student of social work at Jamia Millia Islamia, did her block field work with the Hope Project where she helped with school community outreach and follow ups.

*, New Zealand, worked in the creche playing with children and introducing Montessori techniques

Sushil Dubey, India has been teaching English to graduates from the school.

Zuleikha, USA spent a month teaching students exercise and also conducted regular sessions for patients suffering from spondylitis.

The Hope Project welcomes volunteers and gives them an opportunity to share their skills,learn from the community and become a part of the Hope family. In the past volunteers from India as well as abroad have contributed their time, resources and energy to the project and many of them have, over time, become ambassadors for Hope.
"At the crèche there was this little boy who had been there for only 3 days. He was crying the whole time. I picked him up and put him on my lap. Suddenly he stopped crying and was smiling. That was a very nice experience. At the medical center, I was more convinced than ever, that I want to become a doctor. Again I saw and realized how good my life is, when I saw the poverty around me."

"Every time I remember the time in the basti, I get a big smile on my face and my heart is jumping … I didn't just meet nice and kind people who welcomed me warmly, I also saw really good work … It is unbelievable how little things can change so much in a better way. ... I got so many new ideas about social work, of Indian life and people. One day I will come back. I don't know when but I know I will!"

Sabrine Schulte
My time with the Project has really changed a lot inside me!!! To come in touch with people who live a totally different way of life, who live in totally different surroundings, culture, religion (...) has given me a bigger dimension of thinking and understanding!!!
So many friends asked me when I was back in Germany, "hey Sabrina, how was India?" and at first I couldn´t say anything...I mean there are sooo many pictures, memories, thoughts in my mind but I don’t know how to talk about them and especially with people who don’t know all this...How can I describe the Basti? How can I describe my "daily-life" there, my different shapes I experienced? I have the feeling that it will take me a lot of time to deal with "Rahima in Nizamuddin" and my "normal" life here in Germany at the same time.… Sometimes when I look at the photos it is like totally diving into that time...then I can hear the voices, smelling the roads and walking through the Basti...

“I felt very welcome at the Project. Everybody took the time to answer questions and to show me what they were working on. Working with the Star Youth Group together with Shariq was just the right thing. It was a great experience to organize the sign board project, getting the materials together and teaching the boys. I must admit, I have not yet seen boys of that age learn and work with so much concentration and delight.”

" I can truly say that the memory of the time spent at the Hope Project assisting Farozina with the science projects will live with me for a long time. The enthusiasm and joy expressed by the girls in Farozina's science classes was outstanding and I hope the projects we did together will progress in the future. It would be nice to think that we have created a "green oasis" on the roof terrace of your school that will be enjoyed by the staff, parents and children for some time to come. Teaching science (especially in a foreign language) is never easy, but I hope my efforts in assisting Farozina and providing her with additional resources will in some small way help to take your project forward. (I wish the Chemical Engineering Students that I lecture to at Loughborough University, here in the UK in my role as a Visiting Professor had half the enthusiasm that the girls in the science classes showed as we built the garden projects together!!)."
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