The Hope Project welcomes volunteers and gives them an opportunity to share their skills, learn from the community and become a part of the Hope family. In the past volunteers from India as well as abroad have contributed their time, resources and energy to the project and many of them have, over time, become ambassadors for Hope.

What can volunteers do? Lots!

Raise funds
Teach computers
Teach English
Science projects
Cooking classes
Music classes
Dance classes
Arts and crafts
First aid
Web design
Health checks
Play with children
Stitching, tailoring , embroidery
Marketing products
Theatre activities

The possibilities are endless.

Apply Now
We strive to make your stay here a rewarding experience during which you can discover not only another culture but also realize your own potential and get to know yourself better. Please help us to make this partnership a mutually rewarding one.

Fill out our application form and email it to us at volunteer@hopeprojectindia.org.

Esther: "Every time I remember the time in the basti, I get a big smile on my face and my heart is jumping … I didn't just meet nice and kind people who welcomed me warmly, I also saw really good work … It is unbelievable how little things can change so much in a better way. ... I got so many new ideas about social work, of Indian life and people. One day I will come back. I don't know when but I know I will!"

Past Volunteers
Contact a volunteer and learn more about their experiences

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